The TEQ GROUP is a collective of related businesses that work together to provide innovative, helpful solutions for our customers. Founded officially in 2014, the formation of the TEQ GROUP became necessary as the growth of our various business divisions became more and more complex.

What originally began as TURF TEQ, a manufacturer of professional grounds care equipment, grew over time to include a metal fabrication division, an automation division, a manufacturing consulting division and more. The challenge of organizing these separate divisions, both internally and externally, under the banner of a lawn care equipment brand became too complex - and thus the TEQ GROUP was born.

Today the TEQ GROUP consists of five wholly-owned and privately-held businesses that operate collaboratively under individual brands.

  • SPEC FAB - precision metal fabrication services
  • TURF TEQ - professional grounds care equipment
  • AUTOMATION TEQ - custom robotic systems for manufacturing automation
  • HYDRAULIC TEQ - hydraulic systems, parts and repairs
  • R.A.S. TEQ - research, analysis and solutions for manufacturers

In our 30,000 square foot Honey Brook, PA manufacturing facility we collaborate and share resources among the individual TEQ GROUP companies. We work together to cultivate ideas, develop best practices and help each other solve problems on behalf of our customers and clients. And we create a whole that's far greater than the sum of our parts.

If you're interested in learning more about the TEQ GROUP or any of our individual divisions, please contact us today. We look forward to learning how we might be able to help you!